Our executive committee exists of a partnership of 3 leaders:  the past president, president and vice president. These women cooperate and share the work load.  The past president serves to continue to mentor the current president and together they prepare the vice president.  In this way, there is always support and a wealth of experience.


Carol Harding*  905-327-0947 . (contact for club news or questions)


Kathy Shaw

Past President

Ann McKibbon


Helen Forrest

Recording Secretary

Nancy Gallacher

Corresponding Secretary

Phyllis Colton

Membership Convenor

Maxine  Gaylor

Programme & Interest Group Convenors

Georgia Smith

Lynn Swayze

Publicity & Archives Convenor

Gwenn Alves

Social Convenors

Martha Cepuch

Mary Szabo

Liaison, CharitableTrust Scholarship Fund

Jill Jackson